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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remove Captcha Code From Omegle

Remove Captcha Code From Omegle
Captcha Code Always Occurs?
That can occur for any time when you visit or and sometimes it becomes hard to read what's on captcha.

So you can use steps given below to remove captcha code from chat panel on omegle. Firstly try to using Feedback form and then try to change your ip address.

Removing Captcha From Omegle
First method: There is a "Feedback form" at bottom of the page. Fill the form and request omegle's staff to remove captcha to your end.

Also see omegle unban methods that may help you too.
Second method: Change your ip address from modem setting and try omegle. Hope, these methods will solve your issue regarding captcha. Otherwise, try other random video chat sites.