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Funny omegle conversations; talking with omegle girls; omeglegirls conversations listed below.

We put a few conversations that you can see them funny; you can also share your funy conversations.
Note: 18+ pictures and including 18+ contents are not accepted!

 A few Funny Omegle Conversations:

Age, Sex, Location
 hey asl
You: Ask Something Lengthier
You: Shouting doesn’t help.
You: Also, may I suggest a question mark?
Stranger: soory
Stranger: age, sex, location?
You: Better, but a capital letter to start would be just peachy.
Stranger: Age, sex, location/
Stranger: ?
You: Now, if you would be ever so kind as to phrase the questions as a full sentence, I would be much obliged.
Stranger: Hey, may i have your age, sex, location?
You: That’s much better
You: No.

Instant Deboner
 hi , horny girl ?
You: Girl
You: Bored
You: So… sure
You: sex?
Stranger: cool
You: Ok
Stranger: how old ?
You: 18
Stranger: good im 18 too
You: Awesome
You: So I pull up my shirt slowly
Stranger: yeah
You: take it off and throw it at you
You: I smile, inviting you to come closer
Stranger: good
You: I grab your shirt and pull your ear up to my mouth
You: I whisper
You: “I’m actually a 42 year old man”

Do You Burn
You: Hi.
Stranger: hey .
Stranger: asl?
You: 18 m UK.
Stranger: 17 , Chick . Usa . Do You Burn ?
You: No, I don’t generally catch fire very often.
Stranger: Im Talkin Bout Weed .
You: No, I’m not much of a gardener either.
You: But setting weeds on fire seems an irresponsible way to get rid of them. You could damage the other plants.

The Anti-Troller
 Hi, N Korea here
You: Wow, impressive
Stranger: I get that a lot
You: Who knew the only North Korean with an internet connection would be on Omegle
Stranger: Well
Stranger: It’s after hours and I’m the technician for the web filters
Stranger: So I’m kinda bored
You: I can’t tell if you’re joking or if you’re that stupid
Stranger: What d’you mean?
Stranger: I can’t think of any other web thing to do
You: I mean do you genuinly believe North Korea has internet access?
Stranger: I’m talking to you from there
You: Not just access, but access so wide spread that they actually have a great firewall, like China
Stranger: Hey, I’m the government guy that manages the access
You: What access?
Stranger: I know what I have
You: They don’t have internet, you’re not getting it
You: There is no internet in North Korea
You: They barely have enough food to go around
Stranger: But our great Leader provides us with plenty of food
Stranger: We have no need for Western extravagance
You: Who is the great leader?
Stranger: Kim Jong Il of course, who else?
You: Incorrect
You: Kim Jong Il is the Dear Leader
You: Kim Il-sung, his father, is the Great Leader
You: And you had to google Kim Jong Il to spell it properly
You: Needless to say, I’m not convinced
Stranger: Wow
Stranger: I can’t believe this
Stranger: You’re actually on Omegle to tear apart people’s harmless trolls by verifying every fact
Stranger: That’s kind of sad :’(
You: It brings me sick pleasures